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The State of Florida enables the change of a legal name for almost any personal reason. The exemptions to these include fraudulent or “ulterior” motives. For example, changing a name to something that would alter the rights of another individual (such as a celebrity), or the choice of offensive/racial word. Furthermore, you may not choose a name that would incur deliberate confusion. In order to begin the process of legally changing your name or that of a child you must first meet the following requirements:

- residence in the State of Florida;

- residence in the county which name change is being filed;

- 18 years of age or older;

- no ulterior purposes for filing the petition;

- civil rights must not be suspended, otherwise fully restored;

- in the case of a minor, an adult must file as a representing parent or legal guardian.

Upon meeting the above criteria, any individual may petition the courts to legally change a name.

The petition begins with a background check which must be filed with the circuit courts. The final step to legally change a name in the State of Florida is appearing at a hearing. At the final hearing, a judge will hear the reason for the requested name change.

Having an attorney accompany you at your final hearing hearing will ensure that your name change petition is communicated effectively. It will also ensure that the reasons for your request are presented precisely to the judge so as to avoid costly mistakes that may result in your petition from being denied.

This process is something our Firm can assist you with. Consulting our Firm gives you the confidence that the various steps (from filing to the granting of your petition) are carried out professionally, accurately, expediently, and efficiently.

All these steps may appear daunting, but our legal team is committed to ensuring that the process goes smoothly and stress free for you.