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When someone fears for their safety, fears they are in imminent danger or have already been a victim they may petition to the Court for an order keeping the perpetrator away from them. The petition is filed by the Petitioner against the perpetrator known as a Respondent. This petition filed is one for an Injunction for Protection.

Florida Statutes provide for five different types of injunctions, including: domestic, dating, repeat, sexual and stalking. An injunction may grant the petitioner only protection from further abuse or additional available remedies. Such additional remedies may include keeping the perpetrator further than 500 feet of the petitioner’s home or work address and 100 feet away from their vehicle. It may also prohibit all further communication with exceptions carved out for parents in common. The possession of firearms is also a common prohibition.

Florida statutes provide that all allegations submitted in support of an injunction for protection must be issued in writing and verified under oath. Also, a copy of the petition must be delivered also known as served upon the Respondent. Once served, both Petitioner and Respondent get their day in court usually within fifteen (15) days.

Once proven, the allegations which support the Petition will result in an injunction which may be issued for a specific duration or until further order of the Court. The injunction for protection is limited to protecting the individual that has filed the Petition but may also protect anyone on whose behalf the Petition is filed, such as a child whom the filer believes to be in danger of harm.

While a lawyer is not required during these proceedings, being represented affords the Petitioner or the Respondent peace of mind. Securing representation provides litigants the comfort of knowing that they are prepared to present or defend against allegations which if proven may result in severe consequences for the Respondent or in a sense of much needed security to the Petitioner.

The fears that burden an individual enough to seek such legal measures can be assuaged by our experienced staff. Our team of lawyers can ensure that your concerns are handled in a professional, compassionate, and efficient manner. While this process may appear daunting and extremely frightening, our legal team is committed to ensuring that the process goes as smoothly and as stress free as possible for you.